Retirement Planning

  Insurance: Personal/Business

  Group: Health, Life, Disability


Is primarily based on an insurance plan that covers you and your family whether you die too soon or live too long into retirement!

Features: is born as an insurance policy that pays to your appointed heirs, should you die before age 65. AT AGE 65 it becomes an Annuity that will pay you as long as you live.
PLUS: After two years of retirement, should you loose three of your *ADLs the monthly payments will increase by 30%. *** Should you loose five of your *ADLs it will increase by 60%.
You won't have to worry, as much as some do, about choosing to pay for doctor or pharmacy bills. -- OR -- eating and enjoying life.

*ADLs = "Activities of Daily Living"
{Basic things like: eating without help, getting in and out of a chair, bed, shower, etc. There are nine in all.}

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 BUSINESS INSURANCE PLANS include funding of buy/sell agreements, business loans and key person plans, executive and executive compensation plans, split-dollar and salary continuation plans, group health and life and disability.

 PERSONAL AND FAMILY PLANS include: Health, Disability, Life, and Retirement. Through the very best companies in the industry.


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GROUP: Health, Life, Disability

As with the other special needs categories, FSP will shop your company and/or group "CENSUS" to some of the leading insurance companies in the industry... Then compare the results and bring you the most competitive offers for your consideration. .


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With any of the above, if you and I agree that we have found a solution to your problem, it would be expected that you place your business through
Financial Security Planner

What is a Financial Security Planner???
In my case, it is a person who helps you to see your potential future financial needs and helps you arrange for someone else to pay the bills when they come due... for pennies on the dollar.

Last Revised: July 18th , 2000